Kitchen Exhuast Cleaning

Going beyond compliance for immaculate
grease free fire prevention cleaning.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is essential for the prevention of kitchen grease fires. Insurance companies require, at a minimum, a semi-annual cleaning of kitchen exhaust hood, filters, ductwork and blowers, and some city fire prevention bureaus require cleaning on a more frequent basis, depending on the type of restaurant. Our office procures all required city permits and schedules the inspection by a fire marshal per city requirements. We GUARANTEE your system will pass the inspection.

Our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning includes:
• Kitchen exhaust hoods
• Exhaust filters & baffles
• Exhaust duct work
• Rooftop, inline, & side mount exhaust blowers
• Polish of stainless steel exterior hoods
• Finish cleanup

We are a Qualified Contractor for Illinois Casualty Company.