About Us

Customer loyalty is our family's legacy.

In 1979, brothers Gary and Dana Richie began a specialty cleaning company out of a garage in St. Paul. From the very beginning, they committed their company to being a leader and innovator in their field. Success came quickly and no job seemed too difficult. When Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, Brothers Industrial Cleaning took the largest heated mobile units in Minnesota out west to lend a hand in the monumental cleanup.

Over the years, Gary's wife, Linda, played a key role as the primary customer contact. She set the high standard of customer care that still sets Brothers Industrial Cleaning apart from its competition.

Today, a second generation of Richie brothers runs the company. Gary's sons Scott and Tony now uphold the family tradition of industry leadership and unequalled service.

Though it's still a family business, Brothers is a lot more than a couple of guys willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.* We have the most well-equipped teams of cleaning specialists in the business. Our shiny fleet of state-of-the-art mobile cleaning units feature our own custom-made, truck-mounted pressure cleaning machines that maximize our efficiency on every job. These machines are equipped with 980,000 BTU burners that pump 26,250 cleaning pounds per minute. That's cleaning power no one else can match.

When you call many cleaning companies, you're as likely to get an answering machine as a real person. Not here. While our cleaning crews sleep off a hard night's work, our customer support team is in the office during normal business hours to answer your questions and coordinate every aspect of your service.

* Truth be told, Scott spends most of his time consulting with our customers, so he rarely gets his hands very dirty any more.